Symbio W
3 pairs, optional sizes

Fits most eartips nozzle!

Symbio W
 5 pairs

Fits most eartips nozzle!

We have carefully listened to our customers’ requests and expanded our range with two new sizes, allowing our product to be available in both XS and XL sizes, beside S, M, L.

Based on feedback, we have made changes to the quality of materials used, crafting a combination that results in significantly greater comfort compared to before, all while preserving its exceptional acoustic properties. Furthermore, we have substantially enhanced the eartips’ sound isolation capabilities.

Our new product excels in complementing your favorite earphones, maximizing their potential to deliver a perfect music experience for our customers.


You can purchase our products solely and exclusively here, as well as from our authorized retailers. We cannot provide any guarantee for similar named, designed, or shaped products that are sourced from other channels and not manufactured by us. Look for the trademarked logo on the packaging!





How to use

Symbio W,
Symbio Eartips for AirPods Pro, Symbio F

Step 1.

Attach the Symbio W (or Symbio Eartips for AirPods Pro, Symbio F) to the nozzle of your IEM (In-Ear Monitor).

Step 2.

Before inserting the earphone into your ear canal, gently squeeze and roll the ear tip. Ensure that the foam part is compressed, allowing for easy insertion.
The foam material is thermoplastic and may be slightly stiffer in colder environments. However, as it comes into contact with the warmth of your body, it will soften and provide a comfortable fit.

Step 3.

After inserting the earphone, hold it in place for a few seconds. This gives the foam part enough time to expand within your ear canal, gradually blocking out external noise.


Please refrain from washing the ear tips.
Avoid using abrasive or harsh materials.
To clean, simply wipe the silicone part and bore with a dry microfiber cloth. Do not invert the eartips.