How to…

Symbio W,  Wa and Wn.

– Put the Symbio W on your IEM nozzle.

#1. Before inserting the earphone in your ear canal, squeeze and roll the ear tip. Be sure that the foam part is squeezed, allows the easy insertion.

Foam material is thermoplastic. It is stiffer in colder environment. In the ear canal from the body heat it will be soft, comfortable.

#2. After inserting please hold it several seconds. Foam part needs this time to dilate in your ear canal. You’ll feel how it slowly isolate the outer noise.

– Symbio Wa and Wn:  Please put the adapter on your IEM nozzle first.

#1. and #2. the same.

Please do not wash! Do not use abrasive or aggressive materials!
Wipe silicone part and bore with dry microfiber cloth.
Do not turn eartips inside out!